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Sweep and Be Safe with Fire Safe

Having a nice warm fire on cold or rainy days can make for comfortable, relaxing mornings and evenings during the winter months. Knowing in the back of your mind that your chimney and fireplace are clean is much more enjoyable than wondering 'am I safe?'

When it comes to safety, we make no exceptions. Leave the worry to Firesafe. From routine inspections and sweeps to full scale chimney repairs down to brick and mortar to installing professional grade copper and stainless steel caps, Firesafe takes pride in doing it all the right way. Fire Safe respects your home and family and will make all recommendations for fire safety, efficiency and maintenance.

We encourage anyone with a fireplace to educate themselves before choosing a company to do any work on a chimney or fireplace. In the less well known trade of chimney sweeping and repairs, it can be difficult to know if the company you hired does professional work. A lot of people choose a company because its certified, but you could be hiring someone whose only experience is 4 days of classes who has never put their hands on a real chimney. Many companies offer unsatisfactory work at high premiums. And it often happens without customers ever finding it out.  An educated decision could mean the difference between a job that needs to be redone again after only a few seasons and one that will last for generations.

Before you call anyone, make a list of questions to ask. Make sure the company you call doesn't charge you full price for chimney repairs done with caulking, a temporary band-aid that only hides the problem. Read about the different chimney caps and find out how a larger cap will keep your chimney much drier, protecting it from water damage. Look through our photo gallery and see how a copper cap will add a great finish look to your home.  Look at other chimney caps in your neighborhood.  What cap do you want on your chimney?

We are currently in the process of uploading content that both reflects the standard of work we do and educates everyone so they can make an informed decision in choosing a company for sweeps, repairs and cap installations. Please continue to check back on our website for Frequently Asked Questions and other detailed information.


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