Fireplace Inspections

It is necessary to have your chimney inspected every two to five years depending on usage, age and location.

Usage: The more a fireplace is used, the more heat exposure there is to the firebox, flue liner and chimney cap.
Age: Age has to do with the materials in which the fireplace was constructed and the exposure to heat and moisture over many years.
Location: A chimney located on the beach is going to show a lot more rust and corrosion due to salt passing into the mortar lines from fog, dew, and rain than one located inland in a much drier environment.

Step by step description:

1. We begin with a visual inspection of the fireplace and chimney by first coming into the house, putting a tarp on the floor, and shining a 2 million+ candle power light into the firebox looking for cracks and missing mortar.
2. We look up checking the damper, its condition, and making sure that it opens and closes properly. Inspecting the “throat” and the smoke chamber, which is the transition of the width of the box to the flue liner.
3. At this time we look to see if the chimney needs cleaning, as well as any repairs, including replacement of log lighters, log grates, and ash dump doors.
4. We then proceed and put my ladder against the side of the house and go up on the roof. If the roof is tile, we use tile walkers, which are foam glued to plywood that disperse weight over a large area. They cover three arches and two valleys, which protect the roof tiles from being broken.
5. Once on the roof, we inspect the chimney cap, we shine a light down inside the flue, looking at flue liners for cracks or separations in the flue joints.
6. We then proceed to inspect the chimney crown (for masonry fireplaces) or the chase cover (for prefabricated fireplaces). We inspect the chimney on all four sides above the roof line and check roof flashing where the roof meets the chimney.
7. Finally, we go back to the ground and inspect the chimney from the eve to the ground for any cracks or missing mortar and the ash clean-out door.
8. Additionally, we answer any questions customers have regarding the use of their fireplace or heating unit.

An inspection is $100, or included with a sweep.

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